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Stainless steel diamond wire mesh decorates or protects your property

Stainless steel diamond mesh is a kind of woven wire mesh with diamond mesh opening. It doesn’t need surface treatment such as galvanization and PVC coated before used. Rust will never come to stainless steel mesh and bright luster will be maintained during a long term. Although the wire mesh installed in the filed which is often encountered by acid fog or rain, corrosion problems will not happen.

Material: Stainless steel wire 201, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 2205.


  • Corrosion resistant to all weathers;
  • Weave pattern is simple and functional.
  • Long durability.


  • Fences for highway, railway and expressway;
  • Sports field;
  • Green area along road;
  • Interior decoration;
  • Poultry fence for chicken, duck and geese.
  • Protective fencing of river embankment, slopes, roads, bridges and other engineering projects;
A piece of stainless steel diamond mesh
Stainless steel diamond mesh
Stainless steel diamond mesh enclosing a factory
Stainless steel diamond mesh is very suitable for various areas where acid rain often occurs

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