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Chain Link Fence
Galvanized or PVC coated Chain link fence is often used in commercial, residential, sports and industrial areas for easy installation and elegant appearance.
Galvanized Diamond Woven Wire Mesh
Galvanized diamond woven wire mesh is a frequently used and cheap choice for most fence applications. Resistant to all weathers and harsh environments.
PVC Diamond Wire Mesh
PVC coated diamond wire mesh will never rust in any harsh environment for the PVC coating separate steel wire from corrosive elements. Many colors for your choice.
Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh
Stainless steel diamond wire mesh won’t rust under all weathers. Not only ideal for protective fences for various areas, but also a premium decorative material.
Expanded Diamond Mesh
Expanded diamond mesh has a virtually wide applications including protective fencing, ornamentation netting, corner guards and stair treads.
Galvanized Expanded Diamond Mesh
Galvanized expanded diamond mesh is resistant to various types of corrosion. Widely used in stair treads, protective fencing along road and bridge, and construction.
PVC coated expanded mesh
PVC coated expanded mesh is an ideal choice for many applications for its protective PVC coating against all weathers, corrosive elements and various colors.