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Colorful diamond wire mesh

Fabricated by premium PVC wire, diamond wire mesh comes in various colors such as black, green, red, white and blue. Generally speaking, black and green are popular colors for they blends well with the surroundings. By the way, colorful diamond mesh could be used to decorate sports fields, houses, buildings. Colors as the following picture.

There are six colors of PVC coating wire mesh - forest green, black, red, dark brown, gray and beige
Various PVC coating for your special requirement
PVC coating wire mesh construction
PVC wire structure
  • Aperture: 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 2.25”, 2.4”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”
  • Wire diameter: 18# - 7#
  • Length: 1.0m to 50m
  • Height: 0.5m to 5.0m
Green PVC coated diamond wire mesh
PVC coated wire mesh has better performance in corrosion resistance and appearance
Green chain link fence around a tennis court
PVC coated chain link fence is usually used as perimeter fence of sports area
Green, yellow, white, blue and orange PVC coated wire mesh stands on the ground
Various colors of PVC coated wire mesh for your choice

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